The road to being a dressage rider - blog by Jamie Broom

It makes me chuckle when I am referred to as a British dressage rider, in reality, myself, Georgi and both of the children Josh & Cerys along with our team have a very busy livery yard to run, Lakeside has 105 acres and 58 stables! My daily routine is I'm in the yard at 7.30 to feed, we have all the horses to feed, turnout and muck out and between myself & Cerys we have 18 horses a day to exercise 5 of which I compete so I ride them and I have Chloe who does the lunging and groundwork and gets the horses ready for me, so that I can just crack on with the training, by 2.30 I'm back on yard duties bring the horses in and skipping and haying them.
I class myself as very lucky to have the opportunity to compete the horses that I do 3 of which we own, Tigger (Furst Impression) Ziva (Furst Insperation) and Stanly (Furst Hit) it's been a whirlwind of a journey having Tigger and one that dreams are made of! He is an absolute star who tries his hardest every time, Ziva is just starting her competing career and so far so good but it has been a long journey with Ziva, Stanly will be going out for the first time tomorrow he's the baby of the bunch.
It's not easy trying to fit in the competing and making sure the yard is covered by enough staff so that I can get away, Cerys aka Alana Davis always comes with me, but now that the yard is getting so busy Georgi tends to stay at home a lot of the time to make sure everything is ok there with 77 horses it gets pretty full on! And without the team at home wouldn't be possible.
I train with Sara Jane Lanning and have done so since I first started competing Tigger she also trains me & on the other horses she comes every 2 weeks and puts me through my paces we have formed a great friendship and somehow she always finds the time in her busy schedule to be there at every regional and every national to warm me up, she has taken me & Tigger from novice to just about to compete in our first PSG which I'm sure she will be there for.
At the end of the day, you have to love what you do and find the time to do it! 
Without Lakeside none of the horses or the competing would happen but it also comes at a cost, we do work 6 & 7 days a week 10 - 12 hours a day to make it happen and we are still working on our dream the horses give us the drive and we will achieve our dream I can not wait to put on my tailcoat and canter down the centre line on Tigger and when he is comfortable & only when he is comfortable at that level will we move up to the next level and the same goes for the others too, there is no rush to push the horses they have got to be happy and confident in their work to achieve the best results it's taken 3 years for us to get Ziva comfortable & confident in what she is doing to be able to take her out competing and I'm sure it will be a while before Stanly is confident & comfortable in the arena to relax and focus properly, everything I do I don't achieve in my own yes I'm the one riding down the centre line but it's a combined effort with all the team to enable this to happen. 
Every time the horses go out they look stunning and we can not thank Marta enough for supporting &! believing in us and providing us with sponsorship from Eqclusive. 
So to you Marta a massive Thank you!


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