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    DIMACCI® was born from the love of its founder Ines Dieckmann for design and equitation. The name of the business shows the first two letters of her surname as well as the first two letters of the surname of her partner in life, Dr. Werner Marks. "CCI" refers to Corporate Creation International, the company DI-MA-CCI was born. The aim: creating timeless, elegant and high-class accessories such as bracelets, watches, scarves, belts - luxury lifestyle products inspired by creativityand passion.

    The beginning:

    Alba was the favourite mare of the DIMACCI® founder and the name of her first bracelet model.
    An elegant snaffle, premium nappa calf leather from Italy, artisan production in Germany, wide range of colours, option between gold and silver. These were the main characteristics of the first creation, which became the characteristics of all her following designs and finally of the entire brand.

    Inspiration and know-how.

    As a young girl, Ines Dieckmann went daily to her cousin's stable. There, she discovered the equestrian world and her love for details, precision and esthetics which should be important for her entire life.She financed her studies painting horse portraits and made her graduate diploma in graphic design at the university of applied sciences in Düsseldorf. As an independent Art Director, e.g. for the advertising agencies GREY and BBDO/Düsseldorf she was able to show her fashion expertise and her high affinity for beauty and participated in various campaigns in the fashion and cosmetics business, i.a. for Astor, Breuninger, Coty and van Laack. In 2000 she went into business for herself and gained the trust of renowned fashion companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Gardeur and Basler for which she designed various accessories and for which she is still working.

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