Eqclusive Dark Bay / Black Review - the best for sweat itch, lumps underneath the skin

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I just want to say the biggest Thank You EVER, from me and my horse, J-Bear.
I bought J in September 2016, my beautiful dark bay 16.2 TB gelding. J-Bear is perfect except . . . he has a skin condition on his off side. His off side has hundreds of tiny, pin head lumps all over it - from his withers to his flank. My Vet thought it was, perhaps, some form of rain scald - strange how on only one side? As it was late in the year, it was too cold to bath him so we treated him with steroid cream and a 7 day course of anti biotics - to no avail.
This photo shows the scurf, dirt etc obtained after using the first brush. J was thoroughly groomed the night before and was rugged in his stable and when turned out today! 
When I took J's rugs off he was absolutely demented with the 'itch' and bit his sides so violently he drew blood and tore his skin. Nothing seemed to alleviate the problem.
A friend bought herself a set of your Eqclusive Brushes and was singing their praises, after speaking with her I telephoned yourselves, explained J's condition to you and you explained the 'problems' black & dark bay horses had with excessive sweat. I duly bought a set of your Dark Bay brushes.
The wounds J gave himself itching! Healing after 2 + months of using your brushes.
I have used them, religiously, every day for just over 2 months. I cannot believe the difference! I honestly can't.  Initially I was just horrified and amazed at how much dirt, scurf, dead skin came out with EACH brush- it was, literally, unbelievable! About week 5 -6 I noticed, for the first time J never 'itched' when I took his rugs off!! You have NO IDEA how good that felt  (I shed a tear or two that day). From then on he has gone from strength to strength - the lumps are all but gone, the horrid wounds are healing, his coat is growing back in, the shine is amazing! He's like a mirror! BUT above all that, he is a happy, comfortable horse again!
The same side, taken further away, showing the gleam on his coat and the new hair growth! 
This is NOT a quick fix, it takes dedication and hours of consciencious grooming.  But, these brushes work! They truly do. J-Bear and I will never be able to thank you enough, these brushes were an absolute God Send, next to J himself, the best investment I have made. These 5 brushes totally changed my horses welfare! I cannot recommend them highly enough. Everyone who rides horses and considers their well being as paramount should invest in a set of these brushes. I wouldn't use anything else now. Hard to believe a set of 5 brushes changed my horses life, but they did! The difference in my boy is unbelievable.
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts
Lynda & J-Bear xx

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  • April Fair

    Just read this comment about the horse with bumps. My bay horse has bumps all over her side, one side is a lot worse than the other. Vet also said rainscald and prescribed shampoo, which hasn’t worked, I am going to order these brushes and pray they help my mare too!

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