Share your photos and shine in our social media challenge


At Team Eqclusive HQ, we love seeing your photos and videos, and we know you all love to see them too!

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram timelines are filled with the antics of what you get up to with your adorable horses and ponies.

Young and old, tall and small, chunky and sleek: you snap up the memories, and we are privileged to be shown those cherished moments.

You should see Marta's face when you send the before and after photos of your hard work with those amazing brushes, sprays, lotions and potions! She squeals with delight and looks like a proud Mum! Oh yes, I can smell a challenge about to be announced!

Now I am very new to the world of "proper horse grooming". I am used to rocking up with a curry brush and using that get off the dried out and caked-on mud, and also expect it to give that silky shiny finish that you are all teasing me with! Yes, gasp away, but my first horse was an old Australian Brumby type called Maverick. Danny was his partner in crime. I rode bareback and had old twine plaited up as a rein. I was also two-years-old with a huge imagination! What I did learn though was that through touch I connected with Maverick. He was 16+ hands high..I was barely a half hand high! But, my point is, I controlled him better than my Mum, as I could really communicate to touch, watching the movement of skin, muscles, ligaments.. and yes, mostly through his legs if no one helped me up on the oil drum.

More stories another time because this idea is for all of you! My ulterior motive is to turn your social media feed into a shiny, sparkly collection of fluff, scurf and fur! Oh, the fun we shall have through November! There’s clue one - you now know when it is happening!

This idea is based on a challenge idea that Marta had two years ago; she created a series of grooming related challenges. Grooming is essential not just to keep your animal clean, and wear their kit safely, but helps you to assess their overall health and find any potential issues before they become a real problem

This is a fabulous way for the experienced-dab hands to help those who are new to owning, sharing or loaning their first horsey-friend, and even give inspiration and support to those who are on the cusp of entering into this beautiful equine world, of how to look after a horse. 

It also will help you engage with like-minded people and see how others take care of horses on daily basis! It’s a challenge that will just keep on giving! 

This will also give you a focus during these current strange times, living within the grip of Covid-19 and Lockdowns. There are many other benefits too, such as positive and healthy mental attitude and outdoor fitness fun.

So, without further ado, your challenge, should you accept it, is to share a post with each of the following ideas - you can do as many or as little as you would like.

  1. Introduce Yourself  
  2. Photo of your grooming kit
  3. Your top grooming tip (plus you’re favourite equine photo)
  4. A photo of your horse after a grooming session
  5. Share your hoof care regime
  6. Post about your favourite mane and tail products and explain how you use them
  7. Grooming/Equine fashion (oh go on, add some comedy value here too!)
  8. A before/after transformation grooming photo
  9. Share a hot tip on why grooming is essential for your horse.
  10. Share your favourite place you like to ride

Marta and I can’t wait to see who joins in and to start engaging, commenting and double-tapping on all the #Novembergroomingchallenge posts! 


And yes, I shall be nudging Marta to ensure there are some wonderful prizes. She will do Spot-Check Prize randomly through the 30 days of November! 

Have fun, 


(Header photo credit: Rose Lewis, Daydream Equine Art)


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