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    Our owner Marta met Beci at Spoga in 2023 and they instantly clicked. The same values and passion! So we bringing Beci Equi Couture to the UK for you!

    Read below about Beci and I'm sure you will be instantly in love with her too!

    My name is Bec Desmond, and I am the proud creator of Australian clothing brand Beci Equi Couture.

    My mission? To stop women feeling shattered self confidence, worthlessness, low self esteem and like giving up when they put their every day riding clothes on.

    I felt all of these things for years and years; going into horse shops, trying on breeches, having to get 5 sizes up from what I thought I was...leaving the store and sitting in my car sobbing like an emotional wreck.

    The truth is, equestrian clothing is MILES behind in making women feel empowered and confident. In fact, MOST riding clothes make us feel the opposite; see through thin fabrics, ultra small sizing, and waistbands that don't even reach our belly are we supposed to feel comfortable, let alone CONFIDENT?!

    In 2018, I said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I set out on a mission to help all of us average women out there to actually feel good about ourselves in our riding clothes. I travelled the world, connecting with makers, manufacturers and fabric artisans to put my personal experiences into products that are literally GAME CHANGERS.

    Launching in 2019, I am proud to have now helped over 5000 women all over Australia and the world with my beautiful, high quality riding pants, breech alternatives, riding tights and range of cute accessories.

    I proudly use local horse ladies to model my clothes, and of course, I use myself. I am a transformed woman. I feel confident, I feel sexy, I feel like a BOSS. All because I have clothes I know flatter me. Clothes that look just as nice (when clean) for date night as they do for my weekly flatwork lesson.

    THIS IS THE BECI ETHOS: Made for riding, styled for life. 

    Because we horse girls live horses. Literally. We may have a day job, or we may work with our equine besties. We may have kids ( or be kidless like me), but we also have fur babies that are just as important. We may not be the hot young things we used to be in high school, but we still want to look in the mirror and feel like we can turn heads.

    Wear your Beci outfits with sass. Know your worth. Live your best horsey life with no an unapologetic equestrian :)





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