Fly Sheets & Summer Sheets

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    Fly Sheets: Shielding Your Horse from Pesky Intruders

    Discover the ultimate defense against bothersome flies with our advanced fly sheets, also commonly referred to as fly rugs. As the temperatures rise and the sun shines, flies become an inevitable annoyance for horses. Our fly sheets are thoughtfully designed to combat this issue, offering a dual-layer solution that combines both protection and breathability.

    Equipped with cutting-edge features, our fly sheets create a barrier between your horse and these unwelcome intruders, allowing your equine companion to graze and roam freely without the constant irritation of buzzing pests. Crafted from durable materials, these sheets are built to withstand outdoor conditions while ensuring your horse's comfort remains uncompromised.

    Summer Sheets: Your Horse's Perfect Companion on Rainy Days

    Embrace the unpredictable weather of the summer months with our exceptional summer sheets, also known as rain sheets. When sudden rain showers threaten to dampen your horse's outdoor adventures, our summer sheets step in as the ideal safeguard. These sheets are expertly designed to keep your horse dry while out in the field, ensuring they can enjoy their time outdoors without any discomfort.

    Constructed with waterproof and breathable fabrics, our summer sheets offer the perfect balance between protection and ventilation. You can rest assured that your horse will stay cozy and dry, no matter the weather's whims.

    15 products
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