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    Discover Eqclusive's Exclusive Brush Packs for Ultimate Grooming Excellence

    At Eqclusive, the brainchild of owner and founder Marta Kotonska, we take immense pride in our diverse range of grooming solutions. Each product we offer carries Marta's personal endorsement, reflecting her unwavering belief in their quality and effectiveness. This philosophy has shaped our brand into one that understands the unique requirements of different grooming scenarios. We recognize that various tasks demand distinct brushes – from varying strengths and textures to specialized cosmetics – catering to the specific needs of both groom and rider.

    Our meticulously crafted grooming packs have been meticulously designed to cleanse horse coats thoroughly, starting from the base and working outward. This ensures not just cleanliness, but a radiant and awe-inspiring appearance for your equine companion. Each pack is thoughtfully curated, featuring brushes tailored to different coat types and colors. We stand behind our commitment that using our brushes alone can yield satisfying results, even without additional shampoos or sprays. Should you require such products, we proudly recommend the Pro Diamond or Fairy Tails ranges, known for their excellence in the market.

    Our brushes are so effective that they render shampoo unnecessary, even for grey coats. This accomplishment has firmly established Eqclusive as a darling within the industry.

    Importantly, every brush in our collection plays a unique role in the grooming process. When used correctly, each product contributes to enhancing the overall condition of a horse's coat. Our dedication to thorough research and product accountability sets us apart from other equestrian grooming equipment providers. This commitment has earned us the privilege of stocking and selling brushes endorsed by world-renowned groom Alan Davies. As we continue on our trajectory of growth, we're excited to explore the horizons of excellence that await us.

    Pioneering Innovation: Eqclusive Packs

    We're proud to announce our invention and patent of the Eqclusive Packs, revolutionizing the grooming experience. Our US Patent number 10798918 stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation. Furthermore, our UK Patent is pending, and our UK Trademark (UK0003181992) signifies our dedication to crafting distinctive solutions.

    Assured Quality and Authenticity

    Eqclusive is the exclusive distributor of HAAS products in the UK, a partnership that reflects our dedication to quality. Our authorized re-sellers uphold the highest standards, ensuring that you receive genuine Eqclusive Packs. For your convenience, please reach out to us for a comprehensive list of authorized stockists. Purchasing Eqclusive Packs from sources outside this list comes with the risk of unverified authenticity and a lack of manufacturer's guarantee.

    Diversity of Equine Beauty

    From the majestic black horses to the graceful bay horses and the elegant grey and white horses, our grooming solutions cater to the diverse beauty of equines. Our brush packs embrace the individuality of every coat color and type, ensuring that your beloved horse receives the care it deserves.

    Discover the Eqclusive difference today – where grooming excellence meets innovation and authenticity.

    5 products
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