Lunging / Groundwork

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    Lunging and groundwork are indeed important aspects of horse training and handling. They help in teaching the horse proper behavior on the ground, such as leading, being tied up, loading into trailers, traveling, and grooming. Lunging, specifically, is a method of exercising and training a horse without a rider on its back.

    When lunging a horse, lunging and driving whips can be used as tools to assist the trainer. These whips are longer than regular riding whips and serve as an extension of the trainer's arm when working with the horse on the lunge or driving them. They are used to gently encourage the horse to move forward and respond to the trainer's cues.

    In addition to lunging and driving whips, there are various other lunging aids available that can be used to encourage the horse to work effectively while on the lunge line. These aids can include lunging cavessons, side reins, surcingles, and training surcingles with attachments. Each aid serves a specific purpose and can help the trainer in achieving desired results during lunging sessions.

    It is important to note that lunging and groundwork should always be carried out with proper knowledge and technique. It is advisable to seek guidance from an experienced trainer or instructor who can provide appropriate instructions and ensure the safety and well-being of both the horse and the handler.

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