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I was lucky enough to be bought a pack of Eqclusive brushes two Christmases ago by my brother back when I had a grey Holsteiner gelding who had very sensitive skin.

The brushes worked fabulously on him - poo stains, thinning hair, the ever elusive 'shine' - nothing was too much hard work with this set of brushes to hand. Bearing in mind I am using these same four brushes now (Schimmel, Lipizzaner, Fellglanzburster and Diva) on a bay, I think the results speak for themselves!

I was very pleased to find that bathing 'B' prior to clipping her was unnecessary as she doesn't have a dusty or greasy coat after using them. I almost wish the sun had been out to show just what they're capable of but I think even in the dismal British grey it's pretty clear what a brilliant job they do!

I'm an absolute convert and have to admit that if I had the money spare I'd be buying her a light bay pack as goodness knows the results I'd get with those on her.

Thank you to Eqclusive for bringing us HAAS - such a great product and definitely worth the initial cost for the results!

1 comment

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