What's the difference between Eqclusive Packs, HAAS brushes and Alan Davies Pack? - blog by Marta Kotonska, owner of Eqclusive

How to learn from the professionals - Blog by Ella Vincent

After Ros Canter’s fantastic performance, leaving her in the best Brit (and top female) placing at Badminton last week, I felt quite motivated to step-up my riding ‘game’ and learn from the best.

The most important thing to do is to watch how they ride, especially when they’re having a problem. For example, if their horse runs out cross country, or becomes unsettled in the arena, how do they prevent this from happening next time? Pay special attention to very small details, like where they’re looking and how their hands are...

How to achieve the perfect quarter mark - blog by Autumn Palmer Rosser

How to achieve the perfect quarter mark - blog by Autumn Palmer Rosser

As the sun is coming out and summer coats are starting to come through I thought I would give some tips and tricks to get those lovely quarter marks, and to show just how simple it is if you have the correct tools.

Firstly the coat has to be super clean and free from and grease or dirt so a good bath and a scrub with a curry comb should do the trick. Make sure all the shampoo is completely washed out too. Leave area to dry. While you are waiting decide which type of mark you...

The three main elements to the perfect jump - Blog by Ella Vincent

In the words of Tim Stockdale, there are three ways to get the right jump over a fence: canter, rhythm and line. It is very important that all three of these elements are improved individually so that you give your horse the best chance of clearing the fence. If any one of these ingredients is not right, there is a high likelihood that you will not clear the fence.

Improving the canter:

Canter is very important in all three phases. It is important that your horse is straight, balanced and maintains impulsion (not speed) into the jumps. Much of...

Caring for your horse after strenuous exercise - blog by Emma Stewart, International eventing groom

This could count for anything like endurance - fun rides - cross country - galloping etx

For my example I will tell you what we do after a horse has ran cross country at an international event and the following morning.

With eventing horses in the cross country faze the horses can gallop anywhere between 5-12 minutes .. It all depends on the level and the format - CIC competitions are shorter than CCI ones..

For the most competitions there is always a place after the finish line where there is waiting a vet and there is also water for...