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Alan Davies Pack transformation


I had the Alan Davies brushes for Christmas after persistently dropping hints! I have to say they’re beyond amazing and are quite frankly magical! My fjord pony is part hippo and came in on Friday looking like something out of shreks swamp but after an hour of grooming with my Alan brushes she was immaculately clean, able to be clipped and trimmed and she looked a million dollars at our show on Sunday. The only drop of water to touch her was to wash her tail! She didn’t have one bath or stain scrubbed with anything other than the Alan brushes! I’m still in shock at how well they brushes work! Thank you for recommending them 😀 xx My grooming kit consists only of my Alan brushes and a pair of scissors to do her mane! They’re fab!


Hello, it was lovely to see you yesterday at Horse of the Year Show. I just wanted to say that your amazing brushes led my mother to win the grooms award for the best turned out Lightweight hunter. We have been using the Eqclusive Chestnut Pack every day since I purchased it from you last year and they are just the most incredible brushes to keep a silky shiny coat. I wish you the best of luck for the remainder of your time at HOYS. Have attached a photo of Louie shining with me on board and of my mum accepting the grooms award. 🐴🙌🏼


Ordered the Universal pack from you at Royal Windsor. Recently had a photo shoot and of course used my brushes before it and thought you'd appreciate some photos to show you the amazing shine on my bay boy, Bro.