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Was advised to try the Pro Nero and Pro bianco shampoo and the Pro repair spray. oh wow! my two horses looked amazing today at a show I attended. thank you so much. I will definitely be buying some more

Suzie Davies
Oxford, UK

These brushes are incredible, my boy loves them and his visit looks incredible. People comment regularly on his shine. If on doubt go for it, you won't regret the purchase

Jo Dunn
Hampshire, UK

Fast delivery and quality products.

Nic Lath

I know if you see an advert and they say things like “best brushes ever” and “you’ll never need another brush” you think it’s just marketing speak. But there are no tricks here. These are honestly such amazing brushes that the only reason you’d need any more is because you want to get them for all your friends! I’m totally in love with these brushes. They are the best thing to enjoy grooming your horse with and with a little upkeep really will last for years and years!

Raphaelle Heaf
London, UK

I haven’t washed my white grey for years! She’s a leisure horse, but using the grey pack of brushes is usually sufficient to keep her nice & clean. They also make the coat lovely & shiny.

Sarah Philpott
Coventry, UK
The best shampoo for your natural fibre and bristle brushes.
Perfect consistency ointment intended for use on the hoof's sole around the frog and grooves. Contains copper sulfate.

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