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Haas brushes are taking customer hearts by a storm!

Another very happy customer with five happy horses - that's the title that our customer, Natalie, gave to us for this review.

"I was very sceptical about buying these brushes, as I didn't really think they could clean my coloured cob and spotty appaloosa.

I was shocked with the results. Couldn't believe how much dust came off when they looked clean.

Haas Grey and White Pack Review Results

As for when they were truly dirty with mud and stable stains. Using each brush in the kit they slowly disappear.

Really pleased with the results. Won't use anything else now."

Haas White and Grey Pack Review Results

Thank you Natalie, we really appreciate your honesty and we are so glad you put trust in us and Haas brushes.

Haas White Grey Pack Review Results

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