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This month I have been competing my 13-year-old Skewbald pony Pebbles in the new BE Arena BE80 Eventing Series which now allows 11 year old competitors for the first time.  Dallas Burston was our second competition after Onley Grounds where I had come 8th. We'd jumped a clear round but were too fast - Pebbles loves to go for it! Getting a steady speed is the challenge on her.


When we arrived, I started to get a little nervous as there were so many grown ups taking part and I’m just 11.  My Mum convinced me that it would all be fine and take it as an experience and not to worry.


So we tacked up, and went in to the practice arena with 4 other horses.  Pebbles was being a very good girl and before we knew it my number was called; I said …..”come on girl we can do this.”


We completed a steady clear in both Show Jumping and Cross Country around quite a technical course.  We cooled off and went back to the trailer.

So there were about another 26 competitors to jump the BE80 section.  Mum and I went to the café and had a snack, chatted with some friends, and watched a few more rounds.  Another competitor then told me that the scores were up and I should go and have a look. As we walked out of the café there were lots of people and a few of them looked disappointed. After a few minutes there were less people, so I looked at my name and beside it was a number 1, I turned to my mum and she had a very happy grin on her face. I said “does my name have a number 1 by itMy Mum’s reply was “you’ve done it, well done!”


There was lots of laughter and high fives from friends who were also riding. The two best parts of winning were: it was my second BE event and the prize was a voucher to have a lesson with a BE accredited coach, and little did I know but I had qualified for the National Championship for Arena Eventing.


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