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    When we first started developing the STERI-7 idea, we came up with the concept of ‘Pioneering with Integrity’.


    Lofty, perhaps, but we wanted to adopt a set of standards different to most of the other companies in the industry.


    So when we had a breakthrough, we didn’t PR Bomb the universe about our triumph, we went back to the laboratory. We tested again and again at increasingly improbable levels under progressively difficult conditions. Until the product failed.


    Then we would try to improve it and then test again.


    And again, not till it succeeded but until it failed, pushing the science and the formulas to the very extreme. Only then do we think it fit for purpose.


    When we are asked about biosecurity, we believe we have a duty of care to always give the most responsible advice possible.


    If that means we should recommend you don't use our products, we will tell you so.

    Even though our livelihood depends on creating, developing and selling disinfectants, it is our in-house policy to help you understand when and where you should or shouldn’t use them. This goes well beyond what is required under the standard Risk Mitigation Measures (RMM) demanded by the EU Biocides Regulations (BPR).


    Is all that pioneering with integrity?


    We don’t think so, we know so.

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