Today, Eqclusive LTD (Eqclusive) is officially celebrating its 5 year anniversary. When we started in April 2015 there was no brush sets on a market and hardly anybody knew about science behind brushes. Opening the business felt right and we had no connections and no clients lined up. I had the loving support of my family, and I was ready to jump in. The hardest part to the start of Day 1 was assembling a very small desk, which was housed in a spare bedroom in a city centre of Aberdeen. Two (long) hours later, Eqclusive was up and running with arm long list with to do items.
Our Past Prepared Eqclusive for an Exciting Future
Reflecting on the past five years in business and what comes to mind are the opportunities where we’ve played a significant role for our customers. From helping local and national charities to groom their horses to saving time on daily basis any owner of our brush packs.
We’ve also developed a new message to the horse world. Grooming can be fun and it doesn't take a lot of effort to make your horses shine every day.
We launched Eqclusive with a concentrated focus on grooming. We’ve since expanded on quality of every single item we sell and commitment to keep your horses and animals beautiful. We also created deep service offerings centered on social & customer engagement on all our social networks and face to face, message development & market insights by testing every single product on a market to be able to provide every single customer with desired customer experiences and even personal shopping. Whatever you need, whatever your or your horse's problem is we have tried and tested every single product on a market and either decided to sell it (and give you insights on how and why it works) or not sell it (as it didn't work as it said on a label). Eqclusive's current customer base ranges from international retailers, Olympic riders and grooms to happy hackers.
But, it’s About People
To our customers: I’m so appreciative and honored to work with our customers and sponsored riders / grooms. I would like to thank all of them for their belief in us and our abilities to help them achieve their goals and vision of success, while always challenging us to be better. The Eqclusive team is continuously enriched by the people that we’ve met and worked with. Many of these people have also become friends and advisors, allowing us to grow and learn individually, and, as a company. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and great relationships.
To our team members: To be in business for five years requires having incredible people in your organisation. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work every day with a group of talented, passionate and caring people. Your willingness to give of yourselves and help each other is very special and is deeply admired. You are the best.
To our manufacturers and partners: I would also like to thank you for all the time collaborating with us to deliver incredible work that makes a positive, sustainable impact on horse world. You are part of our team and we are proud to work with you.
Thank you for a special 5 years and here’s to celebrating the next successful chapter together.


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