Review of Eqclusive Grey / Coloured Pack

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Michaela said:

The Eqclusive Grey Pack and HAAS brushes are AMAZING. I actually don't have a set myself but I've borrowed friends to test them out and I was absolutely gobsmacked.

The brush sets are worth every penny. You could throw your old brushes away and just use the Haas ones for a full head to hoof groom.

Hand on heart I can honestly say in 30 years of riding I've never used brushes that work as well as these and my cob absolutely loves being groomed with them (he goes to sleep!)

The Schimmel brush gets all the stains out, I mean ALL stains, poo, mud, grass, anything!

Then the Lippizaner brush brings out the scurf and implies a shine which I actually saw in the sunshine out hacking.

I was dubious but watched the video on YouTube and then tried them. They do EXACTLY what they are claimed to do. Fab!

Can't recommend them enough. They are on my Christmas list👌🏼🍀😍

1 comment

  • Annemarie Graham

    Hi how much for coloured pack please

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