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Do you feel like all your horsey friends are talking about brushes, packs of brushes and how they work? Is it a gimmick? Have you tried them, or seen somebody using them? Do they work?

Eqclusive brush packs have been designed to target specific problems of each type of horse’s coat. As horses have three different types of coats, we created three different packs. Eqclusive Packs clean the coat from the skin right to the top coat, then give the amazing shine. The first brushes go deep into the coat, right to the skin, and need to be made of the same type of hair that your horse has. The density of the brush is important, as this is what gives you the ability to go through the coat, clean the skin and  pores, and give amazing results. The next brush in the pack will then start to clean the top coat and get the ultimate shine!

You can read more about specific packs here: https://eqclusive.com/blogs/news/86340481-haas-horse-grooming-brushes-which-pack-is-best-for-me


How long does it take to brush with all the brushes from the pack?

The first grooming session with those brushes will take you at least 15 minutes, as you will see on the curry comb how much dirt will come out of your horses coat! The more you groom the first time round the easier it will be later on The build up of dirt needs to be removed to see the natural shine. On horses with coarser coats it might take longer to get the shine as their coat needs more nourishment and vitamins to come through from the skin, which will usually take a few days. Just keep grooming!

What is the difference between the coloured packs and Alan Davies Pack?

Alan’s pack is totally different. It has been designed to enhance the shine on already well-groomed horses. As he said: “My pack helps anybody to turn their horse into a show ready horse. It helps to maximise the shine. As Charlotte always nags me, it also helps you to stay horse hair free!”. Alans’ Pack consists of the eight brushes needed  to turn your horse out to the highest possible standard at a show. From the specially designed hoof pick that will help you to clean the frogs and stud holes properly, right up to the polishing brush in Alan’s favourite colour navy! Psst, there is a grooming bag included with the pack!

Alan Davies Pack of brushes

What pack to use on Palomino / Dun horses?

If your horse is not sensitive to brush, please get the Eqclusive Grey Pack. If your horse does mind brushing and is more sensitive please get the Eqclusive Light Bay Pack.


What is the difference between Standard/Deluxe/Royal versions of packs?

The Standard Pack comes with a free Eqclusive New Generation Curry Comb

The Deluxe Pack comes with a HAAS Mane & Tail brush and a free Eqclusive New Generation Curry Comb

Royal Pack comes with SleekEZ for Horses, HAAS Mane & Tail brush and a free Eqclusive New Generation Curry Comb

Get yours HERE


If you have any further questions we are happy to add more answers here or private message us on contact@eqclusive.com


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