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One of the reviews has come to Eqclusive from Leah, who has kindly allowed us to do a video on her previous grey horse.

Leah now has a lovely coloured horse, who gives her loads of memories.

Leah's review on the brushes that she has been using since May.

"When I first saw Eqclusive looking for a horse to trial the Haas brushes, I jumped at the chance. "Good luck cleaning my disgusting grey gelding, these brushes are going to have a hard job" I thought. Being a competition groom and working in high class yards in my previous jobs i have always struggled to find a decent hard working brush. I was told not to brush my horse, but he looked a riot so I at least put some plaits in. One of the owners, explained the brushes and got to work. Goose was notorious for face planting and being the most disgusting horse on the yard. Well even after the first brush (Schimmel) I could see a difference, it was bringing up deep, old scurf! Then the Cavaliere was used for a more general brush and Goose loved it due to the horse hair in it. She finished off with the Coat Gloss and Diva, which is an amazing brush. It is so soft and takes away all the dust from the earlier brushing.

HAAS Grey and White Pack Review Results

I have now got a coloured mare who loves the mud. Eqclusive reassured me that my "grey" horse brushes would work on her as well. Well my goodness! They were put to the test again, removed all the stains, mud and scurf easily. She is quite sensitive so the Cavaliere is great as it has a short bristle but it has longer horse hairs so it makes it more accepted by horses.

HAAS Grey and White Pack Review Results

I love these brushes, I am now a customer for life and I hate thinking about how much money I have spent on other brushes, coat shines and cloths! Perfect tools for a perfectly clean, shiney, happy horse!"

HAAS Grey White Pack Review Results

HAAS Grey White Pack Review Results


  • Judy Fry

    Hi I have a grey horse and a liver chestnut yearling which pack do you recommend?

  • Susan Mckay

    Hi trying to leave a review but link taking me to sales page and I’m going in circles! Thanks susan

  • julie meredith

    Sorry I have asked already but getting confused as to which Haas brush I need as your packs dont name them. I currently have Schimmel, Fellglanzburste and Exklusive as had a grey horse. I am getting a new horse – dark bay. Which one do I need now?

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