✨🌟⭐ Eqclusive Light bay / chestnut deluxe pack ✨🌟⭐ - review by Steve Nelson

Now I’ve used the brushes a few times I would like to give you my review.

Firstly, why was I looking for new brushes? I wanted something that would give me a quality finish without constant washing especially as we are coming to winter and in particular for her feathers.

Shimmel  brush, this was your recommendation after asking to view her photo, I was impressed by your level of customer service. This brush removes thick dirt and goes through feathers easily, it removed all but the heaviest staining. I found it best used like the main and tail brush, vertical first then horizontal, difficult to get right to the tips however I’m suffering with back injury so not all down to the brush, might have to give in and give them a shampoo but will keep brushing for now and the shine is amazing.
Curry Comb, doesn’t look much but boy this breaks up hard mud and cleans the brushes, as a freebie with the set that’s a big bonus - you could charge money for that 😃
Military brush, lifts dirt from the skin beautifully, even heavy dried on mud, like a traditional dandy comb except so much softer and no harshness on more tender areas. Previously the finish I had would be equivalent to this stage.
Caviliere Brush, this combined with the Military just brings all the dirt right up from the skin like a magnet, coat now feels smooth and so clean.
Brush 3, now both my mare and me love this one, I know it’s sold as a gloss brush but at last I have a brush soft enough for her face that removes dirt. Others are to soft and don’t clean or too harsh, this cleans her blasé lovely and she actually started to go to sleep and nudged me when I stopped! Sure she would have been happy for me to continue all night.
Diva brush, just that extra touch, lovely shine, coat feels like velvet.
Mane and tail, you need a little practice to get the right technique on the tail especially to get the ends but the result is amazing such extra volume.

I am so pleased with these brushes, in fact I feel guilty that I’ve not used them before, often wondered that I was missing something when I’ve stroked other horses but not any more.
Sorry if this is long winded feel free to use or not any part. Pictures from tonight after about 1 hour, dull light doesn’t do the shine justice.

Thank you


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