You want your horse to have a sleek and glossy finish, but struggle to choose a product that best suits your needs? We have found that there numerous options available for nutritional supplementation and as the majority of competitive and pleasure riders know, there is an alternative source for shine, but it's bottled...

What do you personally use to make your horse shine?

We truly believe that shine comes from within (good quality feed and plenty of needed natural oils), but what to use when you require a quick fix or maybe need your horse's coat to have a better condition? Bottled horse shine sprays, horse glosses or special towels typically only work for a day.

We have an alternative that will work always and keep an amazing condition of your horse’s coat.

Our company is built on years of equestrian knowledge and decades of being professional grooms (and even equine vets). Travelling across the whole of Europe, we've had the chance and privilege to use many different products. One of the brands that we have used consistently for over 15 years is Haas and we were really surprised when we couldn’t find this brand here in the UK. This is one of the main reasons why our company started, but that’s another story.

Haas was founded in 1919 and initially household items were mainly produced until in 1984 Ekkehard Vogel took over the company.  The requirement for horse grooming equipment grew and the production range expanded and solidified in this field. In all phases, the choice of materials, the production and the quality control are all based on the motto: “The Basic Care”

What does make them different on the market to other brands?

The composition of the bristle mixtures, the handcrafted handles, the know-how, together with the modern technical production ensures the expected high quality standard. Haas also prides itself on a long life-cycle of all its products, ensuring the well-being of the horse as for the comfort of the user.

The bristle mixtures include natural horse hair, which assists in making your horse comfortable (as they believe it’s another horse that is rubbing against them). They also refuse to use nails or pins when producing brushes for safety reasons.


What people tell us about Eqclusive Packs...

The reviews that we are getting speak for themselves, as do the photos and videos.

“No need for a bath for my horse first party! Just the brushes ... They are amazing. Have been recommending them to everyone! I've never not bathed before a competition but couldn't believe how shiny he was on just brushing! Also the comb was great for plaiting”

I have been using my brushes and I love them!! So nice to use and really comfortable. My horse loves them too! I love them, I'll never buy another brand of brush again!”

“I can’t believe that my horse is just standing and letting you brush her head, that’s the first time she liked grooming. We will for sure be using those brushes all the time”
"Just thought I would send you a picture of what these amazing brushes did tonight! I only used the grey brush and people thought I had washed or hot clothed her! I'm so happy!"



We are confident that you will find the grooming accessories you require within the Eqclusive Packs range. We trust these products with our whole heart, so if you want us to come and show you how they work first, feel free to get in touch and arrange a visit.   Available packs can be found here on our website


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