What's the difference between Eqclusive Packs, HAAS brushes and Alan Davies Pack? - blog by Marta Kotonska, owner of Eqclusive



  • Alison Hughes

    Hello I am seriously considering purchasing a set of Alan Davies or exclusive brush sets , can you please advise which would be most suited I have 3 x black horses and 1 x bright bay
    Regards Alison

  • Nora

    I have a chestnut gelding who is sensitive to brushing. I never use a hard brush and have to use a very soft-type curry on him. I am looking at buying either the chestnut pack or the Alan Davies set. Can you recommend which would be better for him? I am honestly leaning toward the Alan Davies pack, but I guess I just want to make sure that it will work as well on his chestnut coat as the chestnut specific pack. Thank you!


    Hi wich brush is best for tacking stains out my horse is coloured with loads of white ,

  • Denise Doe

    Can you buy these brushes, hoof pick etc separately? They need to go on my Xmas List ?? . Thank you x

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