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PFIFF Smallfix®

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Smallfix® - One for all! Smallfix® is a unique universal saddle seat which can be used anywhere: in just a few movements, the Smallfix® saddle seat can be adapted to the physical requirements of any rider as well as to any English saddle.

The adjustable, flexible seat´s soft pommel and padding and extremely sturdy Velcro fasteners and individual sizing of the seat guarantee an extremely secure seat for the rider. The three different degrees of padding firmness included in the product contents ensure the best possible comfort for the rider. Combined with an excellent gripping material, Smallfix® gives riders not only an extremely comfortable seat but also an extremely secure one.

A saddle handle with trigger hooks can be quickly and easily attached to the saddle to give the rider extra security. The equally handy seat cover which is quickly attached with Velcro fastenings, protects the Smallfix´s® Velcro fastenings when not in use and simultaneously the riders clothing.

Smallfix´s® supporting padding is removable: the saddle seat is washable at 30°C. Smallfix®, a world first, was nominated at Spoga Horse for the innovation award and has already proved itself in therapeutic riding and in riding schools.

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