PFIFF ´Präsentation´ double harness Shetty / Black - Eqclusive  - 2

PFIFF ´Präsentation´ double harness

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Suitable for roads and surfaced country paths!

Stylish appearance mainly due to lined leather straps.

It is suitable for tournaments in an exclusive design.

Made of high quality noble leather with rustproof fittings as well as polypropylene reinforced traces, including polestrap, without bits.

Hint: Please ensure when choosing a harness that the use for which the harness is destined as well as the weight and also the tensile loading for which the harness will be used are in correct proportion one to the other.

PFIFF ´Präsentation´ double harness  - Eqclusive  - 1
PFIFF ´Präsentation´ double harness  - Eqclusive  - 3
PFIFF ´Präsentation´ double harness Shetty / Brown - Eqclusive  - 4