PFIFF ONLY HOT® Foot warmer  - Eqclusive

PFIFF ONLY HOT® Foot warmer

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The ONLY HOT® disposable warmer is ideal for every day and leisure time use.

The warmers are super thin, light and maintain warmth for 6 to 24 hours depending on the product and the equipment.

ONLY HOT® disposable warmers contain natural substances such as iron, water, salt, cellulose and vermiculite and can therefore safely be used and disposed of. The ONLY HOT® warmer is non toxic and odourless.

Simply open the packet and feel the warmth.

Temperature up to 39° C max. Warming effect lasts about 5 hours. Fits shoe sizes 28 ? 44.

Dimensions: 33 cm x 10.5 cm x 0.45 cm