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PFIFF comfort vaulting roller

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Premium leather, suitable for competitions.

The surcingle (roller) vaulting horses would buy, it makes concessions for beginners and inspires competitive sportspersons.

The permanently attached, generously dimensioned wedge-shaped pads provides the necessary withers freedom and stability, which don't allow the roller to be 'tilted into the horse' even under increased pressure from above.

The 'dropped', partly straight, curved and angled handles are based on physical principles and e.g. enable mounting in accordance with the newest technique, a better support angle with corresponding support position - especially for support from the backward seat - and support the low position of the knee in the forward seat in all three basic paces.

The five D-rings on each side enable all kinds of different possible buckling of the auxiliary reins and, in conjunction with the innovative metal core of the girth, enable use on horses of all kinds of different size and breed.

The straps have additional inner lying webbing strap reinforcement.

The straps for the short girth are made so they can be combined with any required/ preferred short girth.

Size: Pony (adjustable from approx 124 cm - approx 168 cm plus girth), Full (adjustable from approx 153 cm - approx 195 cm plus girth)

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