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Nutri Science GastroCare Gel

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These concentrated fast action syringes utilise a rapidly absorbed gel formulation to control excess acid & protect the stomach. They're a useful support if the Gastro Care powder is being fed on a daily basis. However, they can be used as a 'one off' in stressful situations where a colic symptoms or discomfort are displayed, as well as travelling, staying away at competitions or other times routine is disrupted.

Gastro Care 60% of sports horses and 90% of racehorses experience gastric problems due to low volume bulk feed & high grain diets, Gastro Care contains natural buffers & L-Gutamine to help counteract the effect of modern feeding practices. Can also help Crib Biters & Wind Suckers.

How does GastroCare work?

1. Glutamine - Promotes stomach lining growth and repair.
2. Carbonates (Sodium & Calcium) - Buffers excess gastric acid and maintains stomach PH
3. Lecithin pectin apple fibre complex
4. Dicalcium phosphate
5. Provides a source of calcium and phosphorus

Carbonates (Sodium & Calcium)
Lecithin pectin apple fibre complex
Calcium Carbonate
Dicalcium phosphate