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Nutri Science Easoflex Liquid

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  • Nutri Science Easoflex Liquid 1L - Eqclusive

Nutri Science

Nutri Science Easoflex Liquid

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  • Discomfort and unsoundness
  • Effects of hard work or exercise
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Decreased performance due to old age
  • Long term lameness


  • Provides relief
  • Eases the effects of knocks and bumps
  • Faster recover y times
  • Increased performance for older horses

Why use EasoFlex?

All horse owners are familiar with the effects of general knocks, bumps and bruises when their animals have been out. These can range from mild stiffness to a condition that may prevent training or working.

This is particularly true with older horses though horses in competition need something to help them recover quicker.
EasoFlex eases the effects of joint and tendon hyper-flexion.

How EasoFlex Works
EasoFlex liquid uses Devils Claw and MSM to treat the stresses of heavy work by soothing,protecting and easing stiff joints. This is particularly suitable for older horses.

The gel is a much more potent product with stronger, more immediate effects.

Feeding Recommendations
Give 2 x 25ml daily or can be fed 3 x 25 ml daily when required at compertitions or when over exerted.

Liquid Per 50ml
MSM, 8000mg
Harpagophytum Procumbens (Devil ’s Claw),  5ml
Ginger (Zinglber Officinale) 5ml
Yucca Fillamentosa 0.05ml

Liquid Per 1000ml
MSM, 160000mg
Harpagophytum Procumbens (Devil ’s Claw),  100ml
Ginger (Zinglber Officinale)100ml
Yucca Fillamentosa 1ml

Info & Care

Give 2 x 25ml daily when required