Nutri Science AnxiKalm Compete Gel Twin Pack Syringe - Eqclusive

Nutri Science AnxiKalm Compete Gel

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A concentrated and rapidly absorbed oral gel makes this an ideal 'stand alone' calmer when only occasional use is required. Effective across a broad spectrum of horses and ponies. This supplement is recommended for particularly stressful situations such as travelling or competitions. Can be effective between just ½ an hour to one hour. Also ideal for use in combination with the AnxiKalm Powder feed daily for economic, long term use.The single or multiple gels can also be used when extra effect is required.

This product can used safely in competition under FEI & Jockey Club rules

 Feeding Recommendations

Give 60ml (1 syringe) the night before and second syringe 11/2 - 2 hours prior to event. Amount given can be tailored to horses specific requirements.