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LeMieux ProLambskin Dressage Half Pad

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The New straight cut Dressage Half Pad by LeMieux. Deeper straight cut front edge designed to accomodate and contour all dressage saddles. Button hole slits positioned on the front edge allows for neat combination with all LeMieux D-Ring saddle pads. This combination means the standard velcro straps on the Half Pad can be removed if desired.

These high quality Half Pads are 100% natural Australian Merino lambskin - the wool is much denser & softer than the older sheep wool used in many rival numnahs. The new clear spine is swept up at the wither relieving pressure on the spine and allowing air flow. Half Pads are best sellers because they can be used with any cut of saddle. They can be used on top of a thin cotton square or straight onto the horses back. Available in Small, Medium & Large and four colour combinations.

Old horsemen used to say: There's nothing better for a horses back than natural wool it promotes blood circulation - is fully breathable, maintaining optimum temperature in summer and winter - regulates humidity controlling the breeding of bacteria and viruses and prevents bruising, scarring, chaffing and pressure sores.

If washed carefully on a wool cycle (max 30 degrees), or by hand, with WoolSkin Wash or non-biological powder or liquid these lambskin pads will last for years. A tip we give, if WoolSkin Wash is not available, is to pour several capfuls of human hair conditioner over the underside of the lambskin prior to placing in the machine. Always air dry. DO NOT tumble dry or place directly on a heat source.

Size A B C D
X-Small (Up to15'') 38cm 13cm 17cm 23cm
Small (Up to 16'') 42cm 14cm 17cm 26cm
Medium (16"-17.5") 45cm 16cm 19cm 27cm
Large (17.5'' to 18'') 47cm 17cm 20cm 29cm
Rolled Edges are approx  2.5" / 6.5-8cm

NB : When considering size of half pad, please take into account how much of the rolled edge you wish to see, especially behind your saddle.

Please note all sizes given are approximate and in CM.

Info & Care
Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stiff brush
Rub human hair conditioner (ideally for dry hair) generously over lambskin areas
Machine wash at 30° on a cool/wool cycle or hand wash
Use WoolSkin Wash (available from Horse Health) or  non-bio powder or liquid
Straighten/flatten cotton fabric after washing
Air dry near heat source. Never tumble dry
Avoid using strong fabric conditioners

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LeMieux ProLambskin Dressage Half Pad S / Taupe/Brown - Eqclusive  - 5
LeMieux ProLambskin Dressage Half Pad S / Natural/White - Eqclusive  - 6