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INVICTUS Equality Pad

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In addition to the features and benefits of the Invictus Necesse Pad, the Equality Pad also has pockets to add shims, to correct slight fit problems. (Inserts available separately.)

  • The D3O® protective layer with the patented intelligent molecular structure is at the heart of the pad.
  • The Invictus Equality Pad has two pockets on each side, where inserts can be inserted front and rear.
  • The extremely durable microfiber top fabric is specifically designed to be non-slip.
  • A 3D spacer textile on the underside of the pad delivers excellent heat- and moisture management.

Fits Saddles 16” - 18”
Works under Dressage and AP/Jumping Saddles
Colors: Dk. Grey / White / Brown

Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Do not machine wash/dry. Dust is also easily removed with a micro-fiber cloth.

The D3O® protective layer is engineered to perform under a wide range of temperatures. In very cold weather, the material can harden if the pad is stored in the tack room. It returns to its pliable state within a few minutes, during warm-up.

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