HAUKESCHMIDT Forever Riding Gloves 5 / Black - Eqclusive

HAUKESCHMIDT Forever Riding Gloves

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This glove is for professionell riding with a lot of horses a day!

This glove is „Forever“!    
Palm hand made of Pittards Armotan leather.

The leather structure is made of special fiber, which are encased by „armour plates“, which is more resistant to abrasion, thus increasing the durability of the leather by preventing wear on contact surfaces and materials.

Due to these qualities, reinforcements are not necessary anymore.

Due to the combination of Pittards ARMOR-TAN and Pittards DIGITAL textured pattern a superior grip is guaranteed in all conditions.

 A special tannage offers an improved ability to resist moisture generated by rain, humidity or working conditions and greater isolation to protect hands in all weathers.

A special treatment of the leather prevents absorption of moisture, including sweat, into the glove and thereby protect the leather from the detrimental effect of perspiration.

Although very strong, Pittards leather ensures exceptional flexibility and softness of the leather.

Due to the characteristics of the leather, “Forever” is perfect for all kind of disciplines. 

Washable at 30° C, air dry