BUSSE Seat Saver GEL-DR, Acavallo® M / Black - Eqclusive

Acavallo Seat Saver GEL-DR ®

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  • therapeutic and comfortably soft saddle seat saver that stabilizes the rider´s seat bones for a save and calm seat position
  • perfect for riders with back problems due to shock absorbing effect
  • bottom side made of 1,5 cm thick, anti-slip and shock-absorbing soft-gel material
  • upper side made of Dri-Lex®-Material: breathable, sweat-absorbing and with anti-slip function
  • ideal and money-saving solution for preparation of older saddles, respectively saddles with very slippery or thin padded seats
  • special combination of material for optimal temperature regulation
  • easy attachment with laces and elastic straps to all common dressage saddles
  • upper material: 100% polyester
  • padding: 100% polyurethane
  • bottom side: soft-gel material
  • sizes: M (16" - 17"), L (17,5" - 18")