BUSSE Saddle BONHEUR 17 / M - Eqclusive  - 1


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Classical plain dressage saddle with excellent proportions and comfortable waisted seat.

    • top-class girthed steel-spring tree with synthetic frame

    • interchangeable gullet, X-Change-System

    • there are five original gullets for change, so the saddle can “grow” with the horse as well as be readjusted to a different horse (#999966)

    • ams-special panels: two-layer construction with evenly soft and breathable synthetic foam plus individually adjustable polyester-filling

    • long girth straps, from the middle and running as wide V-girthing, prepared for retrofitting

    • specially designed panel cut and eliminated panel head give even more withers clearance

    • comfortable waisted seat

    • optimized knee-rolls and reduced stuffing in the knee-area

    • made of best English saddle-leather

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