BUSSE Replacement Pads for Hoof Cover SAFETIES PRO® S / Black/Blue - Eqclusive

BUSSE Replacement Pads for Hoof Cover SAFETIES PRO®

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      • anti-slip microfleece pads to fix with velcro closure in the sole area of SAFETIES® PRO
      • set of 2 pairs

Important advice for the well-being of your horse!
    The hoof-overlays are made for short distances as from the stable to the indoor riding arena, to the riding ground or to the paddock. SAFETIES® are not suitable for riding, longer walks, for the use in the horse walker or for the paddock. When properly used, SAFETIES® reduce the danger of skidding. They do not eliminate the risk entirely. Please use the hoof-overlays always in a dry and clean condition to achieve best possible results and to guarantee a long-lasting usability. They should be cleaned and dried after every time they are used. Due to the consistency of the hoof-overlays abrasion is preset; the support in the sole area prevents the overlays from getting thinner and thus maximises the usage period.