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To avoid feed-induced amino acid deficiencies, cause only healthy joints can work well.

Food supplement for animals fundamentally not used for food products. - Original strength for the joints.

To prevent amino acid deficiencies - because only strong joints can perform well!

Attributes of the natural substances and additives:
For a long time gelatine has been used for the development of joint lubricant which is vital for troublefree movement of the joints and for building up cartilage.

An adequate, optimum supply with the necessary joint proteins and amino acids has the following positive aspects:
• fewer joint problems
• increased synthesis of joint cartilage cells
• improved joint load-bearing ability

Recommendations: Gelatine plus is mixed with a food ration. Animals from 300 kg: 50 g = 3 heaped measuring spoons daily for at least six months. Animals up to 300 kg 30 g = 2 measuring spoons.

Composition: Gelatine, silicon oxide.
Ingredients: raw protein 90.25%, raw fat 0%, raw fibre 0%, water 9%, raw ash 0.75% Added ingredients: 3.000 mcg Biotin, 500 mg vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), 500 mg choline.

Size: 1 kg