BUSSE Gadfly Trap FLY-STOP 120 x 195 cm / Black/Green/Silver - Eqclusive  - 1


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      • effective reduction of the population of gadflies (up to 95%) in an area of up to 10.000 square metres, without using any chemicals, environmental pollutant or electricity
      Due to the fact that the horse flies‘ and gadflies‘ ability to see are similar to thermal imaging cameras, they are attracted by the the dark ball, that is heated by the sun. After realising that the ball is no alleged prey, the gadflies will fly away. According to their deficient flying skills, they can only fly upwards. As a consequence of this, they are guided by the conical plastic hood into the collection bin, that is filled with soapy water and so traps the gadflies and causes their death. In opposition to other gadfly-traps on the market, the new desgin „FLY-STOP“ is constructed to avoid any attraction of useful insects, which are naturally attracted by the polarisation of the sunlight.

Application recommendation:
      To maximise interception of gadflies before they reach their target prey, identify their likely flight paths from damp areas (ponds, riverbanks, etc.) to where humans or animals congregate. If the origin of the horse flies is unclear, it is recommended to place the trap closer to the places where animals congregate. Decide if more than one gadfly-trap is required. It is recommended to place one trap with a maximum of 5 horses. Place your trap early, preferably before the first adult horse flies emerge in April. A notable reduction of the flies will be realized after one week of application. Check the trap regularly, deplete the collection bin and refill with new soapy water when necessary. If the trap is not catching sufficient numbers of flies, relocate the trap.

    • possible places of installation: horse- and cattle-pastures, paddocks, but also golf courses, swimmingpools, gardens
    • absolutely environment-friendly: In opposition to other types with green instead of white funnel. Thereby no reflection of sunlight that attracts useful insects.
    • easy installation, by means of integrated ground drill
    • all smart parts, including air-pump for inflating the ball, included in delivery
    • ground drill: firmly fixed at base pipe, wall thickness of pipe for main mounting: 2 mm
    • dimensions when installed: diameter of funnel: 0,95 m; total height: ± 1,95 m
    • colour: black (ball), transparent (collection bin), green (funnel)
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