BUSSE Bridle GLOSS Pony / Black/Crystalchain-Varnish - Eqclusive  - 2


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  • modern, high-quality bridle in terms of fit, effectiveness and design
  • endless brilliance thanks to special patent leather on the noseband and the distinctively curved browband - with no need for daily polish
  • extra soft padded crank noseband
  • poll-strap of the noseband runs on top of the headpiece for perfect distribution of pressure
  • anatomically formed chin-strap provides optimal fit while saving the lower jaw bones
  • jowl-strap adjustable both sides
  • high class stainless-steel fittings, partly with roller buckles to protect the leather, make it easy to close
  • including reins with twice the amount of leather stops in extra short distance for perfect grip and highly variable length of rein while riding
BUSSE Bridle GLOSS  - Eqclusive  - 1
BUSSE Bridle GLOSS  - Eqclusive  - 3