Acavallo Leg Wraps GEL, back, Acavallo® 38x32 / Transparent - Eqclusive

Acavallo Leg Wraps GEL, back, Acavallo®

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  • anatomic preformed leg wraps made of soft-gel material (thickness: 5 mm) for the hind legs with additionally fetlock protection
  • very high material elasticity for perfect, anatomic fit
  • enormous shock-absorbing properties protect tendons and joints
  • special hole profile enables circulation of air and avoids heat accumulation
  • non-slip surface prevents slipping and ensures easy handling
  • skin- and fur-friendly, silicone-free
  • usable also cooled for cryotherapy (just put in the refrigerator beforehand)
  • extra durable, easy-care (gentle cycle up to 30°C)
  • in pairs