ACAVALLO Gel Pad MASSAGE, Acavallo® M/L / Black - Eqclusive  - 1


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  • high-quality saddle pad made of special soft-gel material for direct contact to the horse and harmonic support of the horse’s freedom of movement
  • massage effect through innovative cup electrodes and stud structure for an improved blood circulation of the back muscles
  • no additional fixation of pad necessary due to anti-slip surface on both sides which avoids slipping of the saddle cloth and the saddle
  • possible use: directly on horse’s back or between saddle blanket and saddle
  • good shock-absorbing properties for pressure reduction and protection of back muscles
  • anatomic design and very high material elasticity for perfect fit to spine and withers as well as easy handling during saddling
  • light-weight, skin- and fur-friendly, silicone-free
  • extra durable, easy-care (gentle cycle up to 30°C)
  • measurements (length/width): 56 x 43 cm
ACAVALLO Gel Pad MASSAGE, Acavallo®  - Eqclusive  - 2