Acavallo Gel Out Cushion Ride L / Brown - Eqclusive  - 1

Acavallo Gel Out Cushion Ride

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Gel Out Cushion Ride

The most comfortable and shock absorbent seat saver ever with an increased depth of Gel. The same non-slip surface keeps you secure. Too bulky for some but offering the softest of rides.

Available In Large only

Size A B C
Large 48cm 33cm 11cm

Please note all sizes given are approximate and in CM.

Info & Care

How you wash and the frequency of washing controls the stickiness of the gel. To retain normal traction without too much tackiness hand wash in hot water with a touch of fairy liquid or similar detergent and leave to dry. To maximise the traction and stick effect of the Gel Out Seat Saver machine wash at regular intervals at 30 degrees on a delicate wash and then leave to dry.



Acavallo Gel Out Cushion Ride  - Eqclusive  - 2