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    The Veredus collection covers a broad spectrum of horse management & health aspects. Best known in the UK for their extensive collection of horse boots that incorporate the latest in technical fabrics and science, the brand also offers a wide range of supplements, hoof and grooming products, gel pads, saddle cloths and magnetic stable boots.

    Their collection of grooming products ensure that your horse is beautifully turned out as well as caring for skin and hooves, whilst their range of supplements ensure that your horse feels as good as he looks on the inside with a collection that tackles brittle hooves, respiratory problems and other common equine aliments. The Veredus Boot Collection ensures that your horse’s legs are protected in the latest most technically advanced anatomically designed boots available on the market.

    They are passionately committed to a complete and innovative line of sport horse protections: advanced technology, leading-edge raw materials, accuracy and attention to detail are the elements that make Veredus unique.

    Top international riders who choose Veredus:

    • Ben Maher
    • Billy Twomey
    • Maria Eilberg
    • Michael Eilberg
    • Lousie Bell
    • Jeanette Brakewell
    • Ruth Edge
    • Ben Hobday
    • Blyth Tait
    • Emily Ward
    • Jay Halim
    • Sam Ecroyd
    • Robert Murphy
    • Andrew Nicholson
    • Oliver Townend
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