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    Over two decades ago, a couple founded Hippica with the main aim of producing superior quality riding equipment - combining their passion for riding and experience in the production of shoes. Over time this small company has grown into a leading company in the equestrian footwear production market in Poland.

    Nowadays, Hippica is the most popular manufacturer in this sector in the country (proven by availability in many specialist equestrian stores) whilst the brand is also experiencing increasing popularity across Europe. This popularity has been echoed by the Hippica's presence at a number of the most reputable equestrian fairs across the continent.

    Hippica insists on using only the highest quality of materials in production, which allows for precise performance and highly-appropriate styles of products. Owning a riding centre with a stake of sport horses allows owners of Hippica to thoroughly check the products in the stable conditions before they go on sale, this testing is performed in everyday use as well as during competitions.

    "Hippica - products made entirely in Poland with high-grade European materials."

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