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    “EQVITATVS”, cavalry in the ancient Romans idiom. The name is meant to be a tribute to our origins, to Italy, to Umbria, gorgeous landscape and historic frame, connection region between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas where the relentless centuries march did not bury the trace of Romans battles and Punic Wars. That was the time when epic conflicts sealed close alliances between Romans and Umbrian people, when loyalty and bravery let the Umbrian people get the name of “Roman Citizens”.

    With these premises EQVITATVS is born, the new equestrian clothing brand that wants to combine the traditional elegance and sophistication of Italian tailoring to a young and dynamic design without ignoring the products practical aspects. A twenty years experience that brought us to know very well horses, riders and their exigencies; for this reason our attention didn’t focus only on the beauty research but also on the correct use of innovative materials for quality and newness. First of all our clothes are necessary to ride.

    Therefore, an elegant and technological but above all ITALIAN style. A value added for a product born from the love for horses, horse-riding and our own region.

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