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Horse riding looks easy. Don't be fooled, though, because doing so can actually be taxing physically. Yes, the horse bears a brunt of the work, as well as your weight, but it takes lots of effort to hold your position, especially when you
want your horse to move faster. In fact, horse riding will have you using your entire body: your legs to drive your horse forward and stay seated as you maneuver, your upper body to sit up tall and in the proper riding position, and
your core to keep up with your horse's cadence.

It goes without saying then that you should train regularly so you can get in good enough shape to ride a horse, and to do it safely without getting tired easily. Unfortunately, training can be quite the chore, especially when it becomes
repetitive. Fortunately, you can switch up your fitness routine every now and then to keep things fresh. You can even try out unique training options that can help you get in good horse riding form while having fun at the same time.
Some of these options are as follows:

Movement training

Developed by French parkourist Erwan Le Corre, perfected by movement coach Ido Portal, and pushed to the mainstream by mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, movement training is described by The Guardian as a kind of training that combines timing and precision drills with mindfulness. And it is unique because it will have you doing things that look quite bizarre, such as moving on all fours like a panther and balancing a stick on your feet while lying
down. These unusual drills can purportedly optimise your knowledge of movement, enhance your spatial awareness, and improve your mind-body connection. To get started, you can watch on YouTube either a montage of McGregor's movement training or Portal's most unusual drills.


Another unique but excellent way to get fit is by doing yoga, which has, in fact, become quite popular here in the UK. And that’s to be expected given its many benefits. The article ‘5 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Yoga Today’ outlines a few of these, including improving sleep, adding to your spirituality, increasing your strength, and enhancing your flexibility. That's because yoga is a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, and physical
poses that collectively give your body, mind, and spirit an intense workout. The good news is you can get started with yoga by subscribing to online yoga classes, like Yoga With Adriene and FLY LDN Online.


Hiking is often regarded more as a recreational activity than a get-fit training regimen. But the guide How to Stay in Shape While You Travel; explains that adding elevation whenever you walk burns more calories, and that carrying a
backpack -- as one does while hiking -- will make things a lot more challenging. The result is a strenuous workout — one that even lets you spend time with nature, which is an added benefit, as being in the great outdoors can reduce
stress, boost mood, enhance short-term memory, and lessen inflammation. The good news is that you can start hiking now thanks to the easing of lockdowns.


Like hiking, dancing is oft regarded as a recreational activity. But it is, in fact, a type of exercise and a great way to train, with a Healthline feature on the benefits of dancing detailing how getting your groove on can improve
cardiovascular health, enhance balance and strength, boost cognitive performance, and improve mood. The best part is that it is easy and fun to do, which makes it more likely that you'll stick to it as a fitness regimen. So, make dancing part of your day-to-day routine, and remember to dance like nobody's watching.

Now, as you look to start training, make sure to keep in mind the pointers we shared previously on A Few Simple Rules for Successful Training;. Granted, the rules are actually for training horses, but reminders such as finishing
training with a positive result, not expecting quick results, taking small steps, warming up, and getting enough rest are applicable to your own training regimen. On that note, it's time for you to begin your get-fit journey.

Article specially written for eqclusive.com by Alice Blaine

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