Eqclusive_Marchanta_NunoBaptista ... The triangular partnership - blog by Nuno Baptista


Being a professional rider is not just about achieving to be a good rider, trainer or both.

It is considering your horses your working partners, your mates, those with who you form a team to present the better results.

As much as the riding and the training, the quality of their diet and the quality of their grooming is essential to their wellfare and well-being.

This is where Eqclusive comes as one of the most parts of this big engine that is to have a dressage yard, compete and assist on the training of riders coming from different parts of the world.

Eqclusive and their products are exactly what I was looking for my horses and surely the right products for me to recommend to all that come to visit me.


The way they are on the market and the availability of those who run this company to explain how to use and achieve the better result with each product is unique... Or better saying:Eqclusive!!!