Christmas time can be quite daunting for partners, husbands and wives of horse lovers. Horse lovers often have one main passion (horses) and if a person does not follow trends or allow the horse lover to gain the understanding what all the products are, it is very hard to know where to start...

Yes, we do speak a lot about our passion and everything that goes with it (did we mention mucking out stables?) but when it comes to what you want or need it can be hard to choose from million of adverts, Google searches, magic products and words like numnah!

With that in mind, working together with our customers' feedback, we have created a list of five most wanted gifts with some discount codes for our followers.

  1.  Gifts around £100 - EQCLUSIVE PACKS (starting from £96)


Eqclusive packs are a perfect Christmas gift. They come packed in a nice box and most importantly, they really are exclusive and bespoke brushes. 

The grooming packs offered have been designed to clean horse coats from the base oautwards. This ensures a clean, happy, and show stopping horse.

Additionally, these packs contain brushes that are specific to different coat types and colours, and Eqclusive guarantees that an equestrian will be satisfied with the result even without the use of different shampoos or sprays.

All the reviews really speak for themselves when it comes to these brushes, this feedback can be find on our blog

"I highly recommend Eqclusive brushes. I was a doubter, but am now a convert!"

"Well... I am a true convert! I couldn't believe how brilliantly they cleaned. I did before and after shots the first time I used them and they were as good as the ones in the advert!!"

All packs are in stock and are available for next day delivery. You can order from:

Feel free to email with help what pack to choose (the colour of the horse matters here).

For Grey / Two-coloured / White horses please go for GREY PACK

For Bay (Brown) / Dark Bay / Black horses please go for BAY / BLACK PACK

For Chestnut (Red) horses please go for CHESTNUT PACK

If your loved one has more than horse (lucky!) please go for UNIVERSAL PACK  or ALAN DAVIES SIGNATURE PACK


2. Gifts around £60 - Alan Davies' Mountain & Moorland Must-have brushes (£64.95)

alan davies super groom alan davies brushes 

Alan Davies is well known for being the third member of the dressage dream team that have propelled much of Britain’s extraordinary success in the sport over the past decade.

As head groom to Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin, he was the man in charge of caring for Olympic gold medallists Valegro and Uthopia, as well Carl and Charlotte’s more recent superstars, from Nip Tuck to Mount John Freestyle, to their 2021 medallists En Vogue and Gio.

Alan Davies' signature brushes pack is specially designed for Mountain & Moorland horses and ponies. 

It will turn any pony, even hairy, into a gleaming show pony. 


3. Gifts under £30

SleekEZ (10' - horse size - is £24.95)

10' SleekEZ Horse Shedding Tool, no clipping needed

This simple, but effective tool is taking the whole world by storm. It sheds loose hair and dirt from the coat all year round. We are sure you heard your partner of friend moaning about muddy horse, that is a quick and simple solution that will not only help to clean horses but also maintain its healthy coat.

SleekEZ handle is constructed of popular wood waterproofed with a "green" water-based lacquer. The metal blade is unique and exclusive to SleekEZ.  You will not find the same blade available on the market.

Available for next day dispatch and until Christmas, if you get two SleekEZ items P&P is for free using code: sleekez4christmas


4. Gifts under £20 - PRO DIAMOND COMSETICS 


 Pro Diamond range has been developed to support the most natural, and trusted for centuries, way of grooming.

Based on a simple belief that horses need a clean but oily coat to be healthy. Natural oil comes from feed to their skin & coat, but to get there, it needs clean pores and circulation.

This range goes very well with our patented packs of brushes, and it naturally enhances their results!

We recommend to go for :

- PRO GLOW - Coat, Mane and Tail conditioner that works on any coat and smells like perfume!

- PRO LUMI - Double concentrated Coat, Mane and Tail conditioner with pollen glitter! For the extra sparks!


5. Gifts for dogs or farm owners!


 Our products are designed to deliver results by combining the latest technology and our passion for healthy and beautiful coats, manes and tails.

Our mission is to create the best professional products with a unique plant-based formula to provide animal owners with safe and formaldehyde-free hair treatments. Inspired by Brazil's great natural ingredients and people, we're committed to making a positive, lasting impact.

We take design cues from the nature of Brazil and fashion to fit out products made from the freshest possible ingredients for your animal. Our work is dedicated to customers, and we hope to provide close contact services so that all people who have worked with us benefit from their contact with our brand and have their lives enriched by it. We strive daily to get closer to the ideal vision that all of the FAIRY TAILS people share. We will always want and demand more from our company so that our business practices match our expectations, our staff and customer expectations, and the planet's needs.

Also, our products are packed with the safest chemical and plant-based ingredients. We never use drying, damaging and toxic substances, so our products are formaldehyde-free, and secure. In addition, we are constantly perfecting our formulas to ensure they are performed. As a result, FAIRY TAILS products are gorgeous to use and deliver incredible results for any hair or coat type.

You can use them on any animal: horse, dog, cat, goat, sheep, cattle! 

The full range of FAIRY TAIL Products can be browsed here



Finally... If you are still struggling with the choice, we offer gift cards ranging from £10 to £500 - they can be purchased from:  

Happy Christmas Riding!

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