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First of our customers that sent a review of their Haas brushes is Victoria and Paddy.

Victoria uses Haas Grey Pack and her story is below:

"Not sure why but I always seem to end up with grey horses and ponies... After my first experience with a grey pony when I was growing up (and the shame of attending pony club camps with a skewbald impersonator!!) my aim was to buy a nice bay or perhaps chestnut horse this time round... It was not to be... Paddy found me! A lovely hunk of an Irish Sports Horse - but grey ... And a gelding .... And, no surprise here, rolling in the muddiest patch in the field or dirtiest patch in the stable is his favourite hobby!

I was resigned to having a vaguely and, at times, more obviously patchy/stained horse that would be fabulous fun to ride but always be disappointingly scruffy looking...

Before finding Eqclusive and Haas I spent a significant amount of time washing stable stains out and waiting for them to dry before being able to ride... When time was short I would abandon my pride in a well turned out horse altogether and head out to face the public with Paddy in camouflage (a.k.a brushed but very obviously stable/mud stained).

I have to admit when I saw the videos and photos of using Haas brushes I didn't really believe they could be that good. I assumed it would be a marketing gimmick and carefully crafted/adjusted photos ... Still I thought "what the hell" During the summer it's easy to wash and dry horses regularly but I was worried about what I'd do in the winter ... So I was prepared to give them a go even if they didn't work as well as they showed in the advert....

Well... I am a true convert! I couldn't believe how brilliantly they cleaned. I did before and after shots the first time I used them and they were as good as the ones in the advert!! That was well over a month ago now and I've been using them every day since. Not only have I not needed to wash Paddy since buying them (apart from rinsing his legs below the knee to get off wet mud) but his coat condition has improved no end. I've never owned a shiny grey horse before but Paddy really does gleam ... It is so noticeable that total strangers comment about it when we are out hacking and other owners on the yard have started to ask what my secret is!

Haas Grey and White Horse Pack Review Results

I have been told that it must take a lot of time especially as there are 4 brushes to use ... But no, for me it saves time - no more hanging around for Paddy to dry off after washing! I do have to be honest and state that I think I do take more time grooming him now. He loves it so much, especially the horse hair and lambswool finishing brush... He relaxes totally when I use it.

I've only had Paddy since July this year but we have bonded really well already. I do think that it is at least in part due to the Haas brushes... The combination of massage from the stiffer brushes and the calming softness of the finishing brushes make for a very chilled out, clean, and relaxed horse ... And a very proud and happy 'not afraid to be seen in public with a grey horse' rider!"

Thank you Victoria for your review, we love hearing from people who are so committed to horses!

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