A few simple rules for successful training


Firstly, don't overcomplicate things!

  1. Always finish the training with a positive result.
  2. Don’t expect quick results.
  3. Don’t overuse artificial aids.
  4. Analyse every training session.
  5. Shorter training is better than a longer session.
  6. Always progress towards your goal by taking small steps.
  7. Never forget to warm up your horse.
  8. Have a training plan, but don’t always stick to it.
  9. Make sure you use signals that your horse understands.
  10. Don’t do things that don’t make sense and you don’t understand where they will take you.
  11. Warm up and stretch yourself before riding to maximise your capabilities.
  12. You not just doing exercises to do them. They always have deeper meaning.
  13. Be prepared to admit your mistakes, so you won’t make them again.
  14. Take guidance from instructor/trainer or just a bystander.
  15. Don’t pass the buck onto the horse.
  16. Times of rest during riding are as important as active exercises.

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