10 Day Grooming Challenge - #10daygroomingchallenge

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I only recently started to use Instagram to market our business. Very quickly I realised it’s a great way to engage with the horse community. 

I love seeing people’s photos, videos and recently I took part in the #30dayruralbusiness challenge organised by Sophie Callahan.

This has sparked an idea that we should start a series of grooming and grooming related challenges.

It’s a great way to come up with new content, without having to think too hard, because the basic theme is already provided for you.

It also will help you engage with like-minded people and see how others take care of horses on daily basis!

You can also transfer many of the posts onto your Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles, if you like. So the hope is that the challenge should provide you with strong content across multiple social media platforms and help you find like-minded people and other horse lovers.

So, without further ado, your challenge, should you accept it, is as follows…

  1. Introduce Yourself (Even if you’ve already done this, you may gain new followers throughout the challenge, so say hi!)
  2. Photo of your grooming kit
  3. Your top grooming tip (plus you’re favourite equine photo)
  4. A photo of your horse after a grooming session
  5. Share your hoof care regime
  6. Post about your favourite mane and tail products and explain how you use them
  7. Grooming/Equine fashion  (this can be sarcastic!)
  8. A before/after transformation grooming photo
  9. Introduce your team, or somebody who supports you
  10. Ask a question and thank everyone who supported you in the challenge


I can’t wait to see who joins in and to start engaging, commenting and double tapping on all the #10daygroomingchallenge posts, on 1st April. Thanks for participating!

Marta x

1 comment

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