You & Your Horse for proper care of your horse's coat


Do you not believe in shiners and conditioners? We did not either until we got to know properly You & Your Horse products.

All of You & Your Horse products are conditioners but not shiners. They are designed to be used on a clean coat, mane or tail to give moisture to the hair and with that give a natural shine. 

They have three different products that you can buy, but do you know what is the difference between You & Your Horse High Shine and High Glossy? The following blog will explain you everything ! 

You & Your Horse High Shine Conditioner will (when used on well brushed or shampooed horse):
1. Nourish the hair or regenerate it!
2. Make hair or coat softer - great to spray also after clipping - no bumps or lumps of ingrown hair!
3. Reduce itchiness of mane or tail as usually that can be caused by dry skin directly located at the bottom of hair
4. Make horse hair and coat more flexible and far less susceptible to wearing away or brittleness, it does not get torn out or crumble. The components contained in the conditioner nourish and nurture the hair, which stimulates the growth of the mane and the tail!
5. Not clog up the pores so the natural, self-produced oil will still nourish the coat, mane, and tail!
6. Make mane and tail looking fuller - hence why 3D in the name!
7. Help feathers (for those who grow them) to grow and protects them from mud
8. And much more...

Conditioner HIGH GLOSSY is a finishing spray. Used for additional embellishments during competitions, shows or photo sessions. It will (when used on well brushed or shampooed horse):

1. Give a blinding shine to the mane and tail of any horse
2. Spectacular effects and no oily residue!
3. Reduce static, electricity and frizz in your horse's hair making them beautifully smooth
4. If the hair is properly nourished, the effect of them shining remains for a long time.
5. In addition, it facilitates combing hair

Watch our video that helps you to see the results after each spray.  


For our customers, we prepared a special pack that has been very popular in a show ring; the Showing Set. This set will ensure you are "show ready" for the showing season. Set includes:

- So Silky Shampoo 500ml - Ideal for the coat, mane, and tail care. Deep cleansing and conditioning action. D-panthenol as well as aloe, chamomile and grapefruit extracts help moisturize the coat and hair leaving them soft, incredibly shiny and healthy looking. It has a light and pleasant smell. For regular use.
- High Shine 3D Conditioner 500ml - Provides intensive care for the mane, tail,and coat. Repels dust and enhances lustrous shine. Contains glycerine, which acts as a protective cover against moisture loss from the hair shaft. D-panthenol and aloe extract reduce itching, prevent dandruff and make hair soft and manageable for grooming. Gives it healthy, magnificent look and pleasant aroma
- High Glossy 200ml - Glossy Spray is a professional conditioner for all types of mains and tails. It creates a fantastic shine effect after first use. It makes hair glossier and smoother. A fast and effective way of conditioning and untangling your horse's mane and tail. Keeps hair soft and manageable for grooming, whilst giving it a healthy and magnificent look.

Eqclusive loves those products and uses them on demos. If you want to book a demo get in touch.

To get You & Your Horse products go here  


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